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Joslyn Veneklasen, Gunner Prior, Jacie Behlings and Jade Jobes earned
trophies at the Deadwood 4-H  shoot this past weekend.  Also first place
winners not pictured were Hunter Alexander and Mitchell May.   Our next 3-D
shoot will be July 25th and 26th during Gold Discovery Days.

Magnus May, Mitchell May and Hunter Alexander were medal winners
at the Cambria Bow Hunters of Wyoming Shoot this past weekend.
Magnus and Mitchell were in the Pee Wee Division and Hunter was in the Male Youth Division.

Newcastle's next shoot will be June 28th 2015, This shoot will be by donation
with all the proceeds going to the families of Sam Lipp and Bill Kohlbrand.

Jessica Woodward was awarded 1st place in the Match 2 4-H competition.
She shoots Compound without sight and release.

3-D Winners Alexis Augustine, Ashlyn Augustine, Mitchell May, Jim Lee - Event Coordinator

3-D Winners Cody Jackson, Jollie Baty, Jim Lee

3-D Winners Elmores, Alura, Dawson, Dathon -- Scott Taben

3-D Winners Hunter Alexander, Ben Marchand, Jim Lee, Emme Schmidt

3-D Winners Jimmy Lee, Shane Haxledine AMFS winner

3-D Winners Joslyn Veneklasen 1st Place CFBBTRAD, Gunner Prior 1st Place CMFSRL

3-D Winner Jade Jobes YBHFS

Jacie Behlings 1st place Cub Female Bare Bow

Magnus is on his way one arrow at a time

Matthew May presents Brad Jones with the 1st Place AMTRAD trophy

Mitchell May shooting bionic buck

Shane Stewart 2nd Place AMTRAD and Ciara Stewart 2nd Place CFBBTRAD

Kyle Groven, Weston Woodward, Trent Edwards and Cody Groven won the Beginner Team Compound
without sight and release championship in the 4-H State tournament in Fort Pierre. Weston Woodward
also was the State Champion in his Compound without sight and release division.

Dawson Clemetson, Austin Groven, Wyatt Edwards and Jessica Woodward were the 2nd Place winners
for the Junior Team Compound without sight and release category.

Purple ribbons were earned by:
Weston Woodward
Austin Groven
Blue ribbons were earned by:
Alexis Augustine (2)
Jessica Woodward
Ashlyn Augustine
Trent Edwards
Jak Wilson
Dawson Clemetson
Kyle Groven
Weston Woodward
 Red Ribbons were awarded to:
Cody Groven
Hunter Alexander
Wyatt Edwards
 White Ribbons went to:
Danny Fries
Hunter Alexander
Ashlyn Augustine

We are very pleased with our 4-H showing. Look out 2016!!!! 

These 4-H members took part in a Tournament this past weekend.
Front Row:  Kyle Groven, Cody Groven, Jak Wilson; Shaylee Gramkow; Ali Clemetson; Jordan Weiand, Weston Woodward
Middle Row:  Sabrina Hedge, Alexis Augustine, Jessica Woodward, Ali Wilson, Ashlyn Augustine, Coach May, Austin Groven,
Amelia Weiand, Trent Edwards, Dawson Clemetson
Back Row:  Wyatt Edwards, Dawson Clemetson Hunter Alexander, Danny Fries (Not Pictured:  Avari  Dorrance)

Trophy winners for high scores were earned by the following archers:
Beginner CWOS: 119 pts  Weston Woodward
Beginner CWS:   110 pts Ashlyn Augustine
Junior Recurve: 100 pts Alexis Augustine
Junior CWOS: 95 pts  Dawson Clemetson
Junior CWSR  111 pts Ali Clemetson
Senior CWSR 98 pts Danny Fries
Sabrina Hedge was the most improved shooter for this 4-H session.

In the match point qualifiers Austin Groven won 4th in the Junior Division and Weston Woodward won 2nd in the Beginner Compound without sight division.

State qualifier winners Weston Woodward and Austin Groven

The Bow shop says "It’s the equipment", the Coach says "it’s the instruction",
the parents say "it’s the parenting" but we all know it’s the children.
Congratulations, to Emma Helfer 1st Youth Female Bare Bow; Gunner Prior 1st Cub Male Bare Bow;
Peyton Helfer 2nd Cub Female Bare Bow; Joslyn Veneklasen 1st Cub Female Traditional;
Back: Morgan Helfer Youth Female Traditional and Emme Schmidt Young Adult Female Olympic Recurve.
Great job Top Pin Archers.

Isabella Petersen completed her J.O.A.D. indoor 3 star pin requirements this week at Top Pin Archery.

Aleah Siders shooting Worlds

Loyce May, Aleah Siders and Gunner Prior shooting at the Wyoming shoot

J.O.A.D.  Students:  Back Row Dakota Prior, Magnus May, Christine Morales
Front:  Victoria Hertz, Peter Morales , Mitchell May

Back Row: Drew Siders, Aleah Siders, Kayden Hansen
Front:  Gracen Hansen, Braylen Hansen, Trenton Hansen, Gunner Prior, Mitchell May

1st place team, Bobby Bertolotto, Rich Ralston and Ryan Stremick.

2nd place team, Brian Voss, Austin Claymore and Griz Neff.

 the 3rd place team. Scott Bertolotto, Dathon Elmore and not pictured Lane Morgan.

Jessica Gould got a Robinhood this week at Top Pin.

Jessica and Weston Woodward are preparing for the State 4-H Shoot this coming Sunday in Fort Pierre, SD.

Emme Schmidt State Champion Young Adult Female Traditional

Braylen Hanson, Gunner Prior, Trenton Hanson and Gracen Hanson

Kayden Hanson, Pacen Banuat, Drew Siders, Bobby Bertolotto, Austin Claymore, Logan Heuer and Aleah Siders

Drew Siders Bronze medal winner

Aleah Siders National Champion

Emme Schmidt bronze medal  winner

Gunner Prior wins Cub Male Freestyle Limited National Championships in Louisville, KY

Aleah Siders won third place at Midwest Sectionals in Yankton, this past
weekend.  She is on route to Nationals in Louisville, Ky.  Aleah also
completed her Bronze Medal achievement for the Junior Olympic Archery
Development program.  We are expecting great things from this archer.

Gunner Prior’s Robinhood as he prepares for Nationals.

Ryan Stremick’s Robin hooded Arrow

Drew Siders, Austin Claymore, Aleah Siders, and Emme Schmidt at Midwest Sectionals in Yankton, SD.

Cody Brockhouse and Drew Siders at Midwest Sectionals

Gunner Prior at Midwest Sectionals

Outdoor Expo Pictures

The picture is of Emme Schmidt, Cody Brockhouse, Coach May, Austin Claymore, Gunner Prior and Aleah Siders.

At the present time there are 21 youth members up to the age of 20.  The Club has 19 members shooting at the Outdoor Expo in Rapid City, February 15th.  We have 7 shooters attending Midwest Sectional in Yankton the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd.  The picture is of the Archers who will attend the National NFAA 300 shoot in Louisville, KY in March 2014. The South Dakota State Indoor 300 is also in Yankton, SD on the last weekend of March. We hope to have over 20 shooters. Once again we cannot express sufficiently enough our heartfelt thanks to Granite Automotive for their support.

Top Pin Archers J.O.A.D. Club wish to thank Granite Automotive of Rapid City, SD  for their sponsorship of the club. 
The club will use the donation to help provide outdoor targets for the 30 and 50 meter shoots and the USA ARCHERY mail in tournaments.


Casey Ellerton and daughter Kyle show off Casey's buck that won
the Big Buck Archery Contest at Top Pin Archery for the year 2013.

Taylor Henrichs' first robinhood

Scott Johnson's first robinhood

Shooters scoring their targets at the Tournament

Mitchell May at 10 yards

Griz Neff's Robinhood with an Olympic Recurve

Austin Claymore's First Robinhood.

Back Row: Aleah Siders, Austin Claymore, Logan Heuer, Quentin Cordell and Pacen Banuat
Kneeling: Cody Brockhouse, Gunner Prior, Drew Siders and Coach May.

Back Row: Kayden Hansen, Trenton Hansen, Emme Schmidt
Kneeling: Gracen Hansen and Braylen Hansen

Bobby Bertolotto

Morgan Helfer Emma Helfer Peyton Helfer